We are the biggest bike rental company in the Bohemian Switzerland.

Discover the beauty of Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland on our electric bikes! Surrender yourself to the pearl of European importance, the pearl that nature has been breading for you for millions of years! Thanks to our electric bikes, you can fully experience the trips through Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland. you will pass through the most beautiful valleys, which are inaccessible to other vehicles. You can follow the bottom of a sea dried out long time ago between mysterious rocks and deep forests and easily reach all accessible caves, rock castles, streams and brooks in the most picturesque setting of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Nothing prevents our electric bikes to take you to nearby Saxon Switzerland. The quiet running of the electric bikes is a guarantee that you will see some of the rare animals that inhabit our landscape. At the same time, riding an electric bike will contribute to the air cleanliness in our environment.

Over 20 models of electric bikes are available. For groups and individuals, there can be arranged transportation of electric bikes and their pick-up. For customers of e-bike rental parking is for free. There are interesting benefits awaiting you at contracted accommodation providers.

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